“3” is an art constellation composed of artists Cistina Lavin, Alba Liv Sall Lam Toro.

“3” is also the name of this 3-day cross-disciplinary art exhibition: an immersive, installation (sculpture, paintings and videos) and performative experience which explores spaces beyond rationality...

The three artists reside in the space throughout the three days of the exhibition at the ArtRoom 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK from the 29th April until the 1st May 2019.

Changes occur in the space. Two performances have been performed each day in a build-up process-like continuum by Alba Liv and Sall Lam Toro. There was a daily ritual temple in the space, constructed by Cistina Lavin. The space was open to the public from 12.00 to 00.00. On the last day of the exhibition we opened up the space for conversation, as well as a feast where the audience was invited to eat with the artists.


The gallery will exist in a cross-field between temple and exhibition space. This “borrowing” of two different traditions is possible since both relate to human experience and human enlightenment. Albeit: the temple implies a certain form of ascetic immersion, known as devotion, as the exhibition space implies immersion in artworks and situations which we accept to hold a multitude of interpretations. An artistic object is understood as a sort of prismatic thing; it reflects uniquely unto every viewer, yet every viewer is aware of this prismatic trait. The practice of the space is devoted to finding the prism through the reflection, or what George Poulet, a French phenomenologist, calls "the spider in the middle of the web".


Mixed media symbols of deity-like figures, with eyes obsessively painted and imbedded within the materials. The deities are mere signposts to each concept explored, each representing polarities within the human condition.

You are welcome to offer a candle and a thought to the figure within the space.


The artist was dragged across the floor of the exhibition space by her feet, and finally suspended into the air. The art of inversion points to the idea that we cannot come out of one state of momentum without gaining another.


She has  initiated her live action, MEDUSA IS GAIA at NEGATIVE MEADOW exhibition opening by Teis Wendt generating black dust from briquettes of charcoal at KUNSTHAL NORD in Aalborg, DK early in April. She continues this live action extended for 6 hours at the Art Room 1000fryd during the exhibition.

Sall is inspired by the re-signification of the MEDUSA figure in STAY WITH THE TROUBLE by Donna Haraway. Harraway rescues her from the Greeks and changes the story eliminating the dull patriarchal demonization and rends her as “a vivid reminder of the breadth, width, and temporal reach into pasts and futures of chthonic powers” alluding to the Chthulucene in the sense that series of entanglements and interrelationships, symbioses, and multitudes of processes happening at once in interminable webs that is Gaia – the earth. Here we explore the destructive powers of Gaia by exposing the at once destructive and generative “man-burning-fossil” abiotic power that charcoal entails.

Read More about MEDUSA IS GAIA here



Cistina Lavin is an Indonesian/Danish artist, currently interested in creating a tangible space for awareness of the dichotomies within and between psychology and spirituality. Without consciousness experiencing the tangible spaces, it is nothing but a signpost towards what actually is. She works mainly with painting, photography and sculpture- compositing symbols of the intersecting dichotomies.

Her paintings meditate over the relation between intuition and erroneous (false) conclusions. Essential terms here are apophenia and synchromysticism, which refers to the human tendency to see connections where there may or may not be any. Within her creative practice, she uses techniques similar to the paranoiac critical method.


Alba Liv is a multidisciplinary artist and student of Comparative Literature at the University of Copenhagen. Currently residing in Copenhagen, the vantage point of her artistic practice is a patchwork of solo and collective projects that all deal with the notion of intentional and chaotic transference. Transference occurs spontaneously and constantly, ex. from one medium to another, or between a group of beings. Her method seeks to undermine the notion of originality and heighten the awareness of constant transference, and the artist insists on the conspiracy between everything and anything. Emblematic for this conspiracy is the spider. The spider and its web is like the sun in relation to the earth. The sun is a whole and simple generator, creating life as it burns. So the earth is fed and life of great variation occurs, such as the spider is one simple generator, a life force, which creates a web of variation. Some of her projects include establishing an experimental school platform, piano concerts, co-operating art collectives, political and environmental activism, abstract painting, watering plants and falling in love.

Supported by Kulturkanten and Aarhus Kommune