- I am a child of a Jehovah Witness.
- I am also a child of a Jehovah Witness.
- Catholic Christmas ended in my home in 2011 when my mother converted.
- I have never had any type of Christmas in our home.
- Would you join me in one?
- Yes of course.
- Would you, others?
- Sit at our table and look thy neighbor in the eye.
- Feed thy neighbor.
- Love thy neighbor.

This video installation and live participatory performance piece investigates a genealogy of religion first of all. We explore a common presence of Jehovah Witness doctrines in different households growing up. Within this specific history, we join together to pursue a practice of Christmas traditions which have been ghosted from our lives at different levels despite always peeping at us from shopping malls, TV ads, films and animation series, public, social Christmas traditions, friends, other family members, etc. However, we intend to create a hybrid Christmas tradition experience where we seek the true spirit of Christmas, our own Christmas, through a visual expression of love. We invite the audience to share this new tradition. Each year we will bring and explore this new tradition-universe further and deeply.

Performed at 1000fryd art room hall, Aalborg, 19.12.17

Videography - Rasmus Albertsen

Concept and Live Performance - Sall Lam Toro and Au2Pilot (Jon Niemi Poulsen)