“Self-love demands that we evoke our own gazes in a consumer-based culture producing patriarchal hetero-western-centric based gazes in mainstream global cultures. So, I ask you to reclaim your own gaze through a process of active consciousness”.

This piece is composed of video installation and live performance in a visual evocation-manifesto that arose from a poem written about a willingness to decommodify the body and liberate it from the tensions between socially capitalized and visceral body; finding ways to conciliate several identities and forms doing and redoing the binary within queerness and produce new imaginations for blackness  through channelling our intuition and consciousness.

Secondly, it is a process-based piece speaking of forms of decapitalization juxtaposing a reclamation of self-love not as a substitute but rather, as a supplement. Through butoh inspired movement, dance improvisation and poetic interactions with nature elements, the body reclaims its own authorship and authentic gaze.

Performance Protocol
I - evoke ancestry and Mother Nature and its force onto and within the body

II - create a conscious relationship with this evocation letting the body open for this communication to flow. Letting the force command the body.

III - preparing the body for an ego death - R I T U A L 

IV- acknowledge the changes in the body at ideological and language levels. Verbalize the process through poetry. Embody the poetic self

V- adopt a personal gaze rendering bodies more than words, categories and social positions but a fluidity of voices. I N T U I T I O N

VI- abandoning the consumer-of-fictions-and-products-body. Requesting the audience to produce their own personal gazes. What is your gaze saying to you?

VII- reclaim the body as body “Corporeal, flesh until hitting bone - body body visceral / imagination until lost in the astral”


Performed at DOMIE, Cultural Center and Art Space in Poznan, Poland in July 2018


Body, body visceral

Flesh until hitting bone (x2)


Body, body corporeal

Imagination until lost in the astral (x2)


Body, body visceral

Flesh until hitting bone


Limbs dissected in salt

Processed salt inducing body cries

Body cries, gastric storms

Blood screaming in my veins from ancestors

Those, lived bodies

Came from the ground soil

The tint of the soil is imprinted in our skin

Soil, reflecting mirror, soil

Soil, reflecting mirror, soil

Soil translated into utmost nothingness

A paralysis of the flesh


Upside down reversed night

Pouring dark sea from sky

A distant rain forthcoming

Whole, whole, homogenous black mass – a formula of God

Returning soil, container of richness

While dances with the sun

Life unkept in the underground for it’s bound to expand



Melanin lives

Melanin melting into golden lines of lighting

Melanin breathes


Feet on the ground hearing trees

Feet on the ground eating from bushes

Feet on the ground, flora germinating

Wrapping roots enlacing the body

Green from the leaves whispers the female gaze


My gaze shouting through my whole body once

My female gaze fluid

Your body rendered more than words, bones, micro-movements, thoughts,

But a force

Your gaze is what you make it

My female gaze fluid

As the beats of the rain sometimes skips

As the rhythms of the ocean in cosmic waltz – all the elements dance

As the sounds of the wind laugh tickling vulvas gently in the open air

Nature of the queered eye in spaces of the twisted

Whispering new stares of the erotic from my entrails

What is your gaze whispering to you?


Body, body visceral

Flesh until hitting bone (x2)


Body, body corporeal

Imagination until lost in the astral (x2)


Body, body visceral

Flesh until hitting bone