Multidisciplinary Performance Artist Born as Patricia Salla, in Braganza, Portugal in 1990, based in Aarhus, Denmark


Website: www.salllamtoro.com

Sall Lam Toro is an Afro-Portuguese Queer artist based in Aarhus, Denmark mainly working with conceptual live art, poetry, video performance and embodied practices such as butoh and improvisational dance. She is interested in deconstructing, re-signifying and examining the tensions between social and visceral body through concepts of decolonization, rhizome philosophy, and queer theory.

She is quite interested in practices and settings of sharing and engagement and involvement with audiences, thus creating contexts/spaces where there is collective transformation and a rise of new social practices by challenging old/current ones existing in a determined place. Further, she is interested in a combination of queering and decolonizing geography by creating a practice-based methodology utilizing such theoretical concepts in performative settings challenging notions of identity formation and social practice.

Experimentation and collaboration are key elements in Sall's work as she believes that we ought to generate expanded forms of kinship in society in order to live and die better, as technology and mental illness grow in dependency and lead our bodies more and more fostered by isolation, alienation and disconnection from each other, nature and the rest of the universe. Consequently, she is fond of forms of decapitalization and de-commodification of the body through concepts of decolonial thinking, as she observes that capitalism is ecologically, sociologically, and spiritually more and more destructive and it is rooted in colonial/imperial thinking. Thus, we must decolonize the minds and the hearts!


23.09.2018 – 16.10.2018

Exploring Japanese Avant-Garde Through Butoh Dance

Keio University

01.09.2014 – 30.07.2018

Bachelor Language & International Studies, English

Aalborg University

2009 - 2010

University Diploma of French Studies

La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III University, Paris, FR

2008 - 2009

Bachelor Languages, Cultures and Literature (incomplete)

Lisbon University Letters, Faculty, Lisbon, PT


28.03.2019 Profil Registrering/ Self-Registrations – live art piece collaboration with sound artist Morten Poulsen for Art Hour Festival 2019, at Kunsten Modern Art Museum, Aalborg, DK.

19-21.04.2019 “3” by THREE – Immersive, interactive, installation with live performance collaboration with Alba Liv and Cistina Lavin, for a spring exhibition at ART ROOM 1000fryd in Aalborg, Andromeda 8220 in Aarhus , DK.

25.04.2019 25-04: Cultural Limbo Livings of a Black Body – live Performance with Artist/ Ambassador Talk at World Kitchen in Aalborg, DK.

10-19 Distorting, Deconstructing and Queering Blue Collar Dreams - live performance art collaboration with Tina Madsen at Spanien 19C Gallery in Aarhus, DK.

14-16.09.2019 The Invisible Refuge(e) – live art piece collaboration with sound artist Morten Poulsen commissioned by sound art festival Open Days festival 2019, Aalborg, Denmark.


Founding Curator of Neptune: Perormancekunst Salon at Andromeda 8220 Gallery, Aarhus, DK http://neptuneperformancekunst.com

06.10.2018 – 30.11.2018 Curator at Andromeda 8220 Gallery, Aarhus, DK http://andromeda8220.dk/

May-June 218 Production Assistant at Kunsten Modern Art Museum for Kaarina Kainonen in for the installation work You Remain in Me, Aalborg, Denmark.

20.06.2015 Founder of EXPERIRI Performance Art Platform based at Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK. https://expeririperformanceart.wordpress.com/

10.12.2016 Co-organizer of ENDINGS. Festival at ArtBreak Hotel Gallery and Bloody Milk Gallery, Aalborg, DK.


10.01.2019-13.01.2019 Group exhibition at SPLAB Jyske Art Academy, video installation and live performance piece Lutos de Amor: Linear Nor Life, Aarhus, DK

26.11.2018 TRIBUTE TO NEZAKET EKICI "Emotion in motion (2001)": Externalizing (self) Love – live art piece for PERFORMANCERUM, at Rum46 Aarhus, Denmark.

11.07.2018 Body Corporeal Manifesto - an evocation of the visceral body into language, poetry. It’s an affirmation to decolonize the body from oppression and to escape bodycapitalism and commodification. A revolutionary act of love. Performed at 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK, and on the 19.05.2018 at Domie, Póznan, Poland.

22.05.2018 Lutos de Amor: Linear Nor Life – a butoh happening regarding processes of love grieving. Video and Live Performance. Performed at Bloody Milk Gallery, Aalborg, DK.

19.12.2017 JW Non-Tradition of X-mas – a collaborative video installation and immersive interactive performance art piece presenting a new tradition-feast of Christmas. Performed at 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK.

25.08.2017 The Invisible Refuge(e) – A multi-spatial and participatory group performance regarding finding a common spiritual refuge with audience where we find a state of refugee together. Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK.

05-09.2.2018 Ungendered Body - A multimedia performance regarding social constructs of gender and an attempt to reverse the process of such constructs rendering the body into a state of ‘ungenderness’. Talk Town Festival Copenhagen 18.05.2017, Distortion Ø Festival, 02.06.2017, and Cutie BPOC Festival, 22.05.2017 Copenhagen, DK, Uge Sex Ung Aalborg Festival, Kul Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK.

09.05.2017 Sex in Situ – Work in Progress live act at 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK.

05.2017 Black/Sea – butoh-inspired performance collaboration with AU2. Performed at 1000fryd Aalborg, DK.

14.01.2017 Untitled. #Obstacles – A butoh inspired dance performance piece where bodies embodied the idea of obstacles in a staircase. Performed at Vendsyssel Teater, Hjørring, DK.

10.12 2016 Mutilation of Femininity, Masculinity, Queerness and Everything in Between – A journey between dance and photography installation and sound to comprehend harassment and rape culture. Performed at ENDINGS. Festival, Aalborg, DK.

16.09.2016 Sex and Death Duo: ‘Infinite Limits’ – A sound installation and interactive performance in an exploration of intimacy and storytelling. Performed at Open Days Festival, Aalborg, DK.

06.08.2016 Sall - A dance performance piece about expressing emotional darkness. Performed at Mørke Dage Post Event, TAPE, Aarhus, DK.

15.11.2015 Sympathy for the A.I – Installation art Performance about the struggling relationship between men and machine. Performed at Mørke Dage Festival, Aalborg. DK.


19.09.2018 Participation at the Panel: Banned: Otherness as Aesthetic with the video art piece Ungendered Body at AROS Modern Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

11.07.2018 Artist Talk for Body Corporeal Manifesto performance work at Domie, Poznan, Poland.

23.03.2018 Lecture -Training of Self Fact: how does my body remember sexual memories - at USE ACADEMY in Aarhus, DK, as part of my contribution to the project Sex in Situ developed by Jakob Højgaard, Martyna Miller and Olga Syzymula.


09.12.2017 – 12.12.2017 Arts in Residency Program PUSH participation at Teater Nordkraft

07.06.2017-25.08.2017 Arts in Residency INTERACCT participation at Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK.

02-04.02.2018 Winter Symposium: Political arts and aesthetics in the everyday, Appearances of the political, University of Copenhagen, DK.

15.06.2017 The Tingling: Sensory Costume Workshop with Inge Tranter at Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg. DK.

May 2017 Workshop Exploring Creativity with Kit Johnson in Skågen organized by Dansefyrtån, Denmark.

31.01.2017 Workshop Vertical Dance organized by Dansefyrtån at Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK.

18.01.2017 Workshop Interactive Dance organized by Dansefyrtån at DGI Nordkraft, Aalborg, DK.

2015-2017 Butoh workshops – Aarhus & Aalborg 10 workshops duration 3-6h each time.

2017-2018 Contact improvisation workshops by Sandro Masai – Aalborg, Teater Nordkraft, every Friday, Aalborg, DK.

15.01.2016 Above the Skin, Theatre Workshop by Giuseppe Bonifatti from Kunstpartiet 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK.


01.03.2019 – NEPTUNE:Performancekunst Salon at Andromeda, 8220 curatin site specific art projects in Gellerup, Aarhus, DK

Period 06.10.2018 – 30.11.2018 curating events, film screenings, book presentations, performances, art exhibitions, etc at Andromeda 8220 Gallery in Gellerup, Aarhus, DK.


01.02.2019 – Publication at Magazyn RTV, “Body Corporeal(ities) and the Polish Context”

01.02.2019 – Publication at ARTICULATE Magazine regarding my work: SALL LAM TORO AND THE BODY AS A TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATION OF SPACES