Sall Lam Toro uses her body as tool for transformation of spaces. She has been bouncing between concepts/literary movements such as decolonization, neo-capitalism, queer theory, black feminism and lately rhizome philosophy as the starting point for deconstruction and re-signification of these concepts and their underlying layers, and new universe creations, narratives, experiments and lifestyles. She is based in Aarhus, Denmark yet her roots lie between the Mediterranean Portuguese sea and West Africa.  

Sall, is 28 and she is an afro-Portuguese queer born in Braganza, Portugal. She has just completed her studies in Language and International Studies at Aalborg University, and has formerly completed a degree in French Studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Sall is a polydoer practicing live/video performance, installation and interactive performance, physical theatre and butoh dance, writing poetry, fiction and essays, and improv music. She has always had an interest for studying experiences in diverse ways, be it cultural, socio historical, or bodily-sensory or even embodied experiences, or all at once, achieving different states of consciousness, intellectual or bodily transformation; or even at times reaching out for a level of abandonment of certain social or ideological categories in order to experience fully or differently, identity asymmetry in the social world. She is also an ‘artivist’ and producer working mainly on body and gender-politik pieces blending different medias and mediums, shamanist rituals, religion, language in terms of discourse, etc.

Email: salllamtoro@salllamtoro.com

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