Video Documentation for Live Performance

25.04 Cultural Limbo Livings of a Black Body is a project series composed of live art performance, installation, video, music and poetry. Artists Sall Lam Toro and Jupiter Child come together in this first collaboration to examine what they call “cultural limbo livings” which represents a condition in motion for the black diasporic body within the context of coloniality and decolonization, as the 25th April 1974 marks the independence of the African former Portuguese ex-colonies, the overthrowing of Salazar’s dictatorship rule in Portugal, the release of censored ex-political prisoners in Portugal and a complete new restructuring of both Portugal and Guinee, Mozambique, Angola, Saint Thomas and Prince, and Cape Vert. Further, this contingent condition is situated between different elements that intersect and interrelate such as coloniality and assimilation to Europeanness from our living in different countries in Europe, respectively, Denmark; the sense of Africananess and diaspora in terms of identity, decolonization of the body, and lastly, queerness. These asymmetric intersections become present in the stories we tell evoking ancestry. The different elements and artistic mediums become our tools to tell these stories. The first work was designed for World Kitchen’s event The Colonial Kitchen ft. Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal” in Aalborg.