Lutos de Amor (Grievances of love): Linear-Nor-Life” is a happening of a butoh inspired walk journey through a mapping of the instabilities of the body while the remembrance of the condition of heartbreak and love-grieving is present in the space. This piece is an inspection of body memories of loss and heartache trauma. Such inspection arises through western-death symbolism – the color black signified of death and loss and lighten black candles for the dead embedded literally onto the body as the candles become limbs of the body. However, death here means not nothingness as there is movement through this death into the sublime, rather, there is a moving towards transcendence and forgiveness when the body walks between lines on a floor accompanied of echoes of a song. Yet, the body here when walking in ankoku butoh mode awakening the disabled/handicapped body onto materiality of the subconscious body, walks to become that song dispersed in space. The repeated song functions as assertion of this universe of heartbreak tragedy memory remembrance, fabrication and re-enactment and a gradual process of transformation.

Video: in collaboration with Clive Ruder for Live Performance

photo documentation of live performance

Photography by Gergana Kurkulieva