Lutos de Amor (Grievances of love): Linear-Nor-Life

The piece is about the performative space of mourning. Through different practices based on western symbolism of mourning such as using black for clothing, plus surfaces and themes, Butoh ash-walking and movement, mourning gets activated at corporeal level in a quasi-directed form. With the action of ash-walking from Butoh dance practices, mourning gets moved onto space and time. It gets transformed into color, wind blowing, water flowing, trees breathing.

Video in collaboration with Clive Vignola

Sound: Sall Lam Toro & Sara Mikelsen

Concept, Direction and Performer: Sall Lam Toro

photo documentation of live performance

Photography by Gergana Kurkulieva

Performed at Gallery Bloody Milk in Aalborg, Denmark, 22nd May 2018

Gallery Stack (click on the photo on the right to see the rest)

Photo documentation for performance made at SPLAB Det Jyske Kunst Akademiet, 10-13 January 2019, Aarhus, Denmark