3” is an art constellation composed of artists Cistina Lavin, Alba Liv and Sall Lam Toro. “3” is also the name of this 3-day cross-disciplinary art exhibition: an immersive, installation (sculpture, painting and video) and performative experience which explores spaces beyond rationality...

Part of the artistic collaborative project, I initiate my live action, MEDUSA IS GAIA at NEGATIVE MEADOW exhibition opening by Teis Wendt generating black dust from briquettes of charcoal at KUNSTHAL NORD in Aalborg, DK.

I am inspired by the re-signification of the MEDUSA figure in STAY WITH THE TROUBLE by Donna Haraway. Harraway rescues her from the Greeks and changes the story eliminating the dull patriarchal demonization and rends her as “a vivid reminder of the breadth, width, and temporal reach into pasts and futures of chthonic powers” alluding to the Chthulucene in the sense that series of entanglements and interrelationships, symbioses, and multitudes of processes happening at once in interminable webs that is Gaia – the earth. Here we explore the destructive powers of Gaia by exposing the at once destructive and generative “man-burning-fossil” abiotic power that charcoal entails.

Supported by Kulturkanten and Gellerup Kulturmiddler

Photo and video documentation by Tina Madsen

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The gallery will exist in a cross-field between temple and exhibition space. This “borrowing” of two different traditions is possible since both relate to human experience and human enlightenment. Albeit: the temple implies a certain form of ascetic immersion, known as devotion, as the exhibition space implies immersion in artworks and situations which we accept to hold a multitude of interpretations. An artistic object is understood as a sort of prismatic thing; it reflects uniquely unto every viewer, yet every viewer is aware of this prismatic trait. The practice of the space is devoted to finding the prism through the reflection, or what George Poulet, a French phenomenologist, calls "the spider in the middle of the web".

The three artists will reside in the space throughout the three days of the exhibition, although they may leave.
Changes may occur in the space.
The two same performances (by Sall Lam Toro and Alba Liv) will be performed each day.
There is a daily ritual temple in the space, constructed by Cistina Lavin.
The space is open to the public from 12 am to 12 pm

Supported by Gellerup Fund and Kulturkanten

The second action took place at Art Room 1000fryd in Aalborg, Denmark where she has extended the live

action at the 3-day group exhibition “3 by 3” amounting to 15 hours of performing during the three days.

The action of breaking charcoal into powder revolves around the dichotomy of life and death whereby the

material becomes a metaphor for existentialism in the sense that our higher sense of consciousness

juxtaposed with our auto-pilot unconscious self states creates a web of inter-related relationships that are

dialogical in nature, the same way that life and death co-exist in nature. The body, over the course of 6 hours

each day in the first two days acquires a profound understanding of this condition individually but also

collectively as Sall has also involved members of the audience into the action.

Video stills from the video installation MEDUSA IS GAIA

The video was made in collaboration with KA&HA duo (Nele Kadastik and Jonas Hall) and follows the same

exploration of this dichotomy of life and death centering more on the generative aspect of life whereas coal

becomes symbol of the more destructive side of life even though it can be used for generating energy.

Furthermore, Sall takes circle/meditative folkloric dances she has found visiting certain “folkkirken” (in

Danish) or “people’s church” in Denmark where she has observed church services that included these live

dance practices and so, she began working with choreographer Susanne Jensen and developed the

choreography in the video. These dances symbolize a practice of Godly evocation and contemplation where

the body becomes the “broken” vessel for the energy of Higher powers - Godly, to live through. Such speaks

to light and holiness where movement repetition and the willingness of the heart affirm and legitimize higher

forms of consciousness. The circle or circular form represents a sense of cohesion and presence. There is an

element of simplicity and repetition within this form and the meditative aspect arises here as it gives us all the

possibility to be present.