Poems written between 2017 and 2018.

Corpses Walk Towards A Sound of Unconditional Love

Corpses made of loss

Made of loss, not of bodies

Versions of body, spirit and mind

Versions meant not to last

Versions of low frequencies

The coming of low energies

Images of cremated Maries


Corpses made of stolen spirit

Destruction and hermit

Dreams urged to fly and repose in the air

Body bounced between flesh and lust

Body remained accrued in flat despair


Corpses made out awaiting hell

Impermanence lingering

Fire and Ice battling inside the unliving

While trees danced through spring, Summer, autumn, winter, and spring again


Corpses asleep in false comfort

Of lust and anger, vengeance


Corpses ruminating in quick deaths

Long nightmares of crawlers undulating over my ears


Corpses attempting aghast

To return to corporeality rejecting forgiveness

Until I walked


I walked leaving the wrinkled, putrid skin behind

Along the road

I walked in the sun along flowers and rolled on grass

I walked between the moon and hades

And dropped my load


I walked slow preparing metamorphosis

Cerimonial into a new reborn


I stared into void and infinity to shut my pain

Seeing more of pain encrusted upon bones

Conversing with the universe until at last

I heard the sound of unconditional love

I began singing it for myself


Photo by Gergana K.

Photo by Gergana K.