Poems written between 2017 and 2018.

Ungendered Body

Trapped in expected womanhood

In a body that feels unfamiliar

How do I transpose this body into a realm of truth?


Feigned woman walk

Carrying a myth

The black super woman myth

That tells such woman never falls

Yet she falls to the bottom of the gutter of the world

Together with ‘Other’ others

Belonging to the same clan of womanhood


Born scarred with double asymmetry

Oppression cuts through the skin

Two times

Two times

Two times two

Body-pain unrest from history

From ancestry

Body-pain emanating from a vulva?

Or is it culture?

Language and politics lock gender around a second sex

Perpetuating trauma

Being inferiorized, dismembered

Objectified towards the will of men,

Of the system and even self-objectified

We self-objectify thinking we’ll win over cocks and half-balls

And clits

We put on the smiles and wear the female empathy avoiding pledges to status

In this attempt

A very first attempt

Reclaim your rage and revolt

Pour out that sadness of seeing woman die

In violent streets

Pour out that sadness of seeing girls

Being sold in hidden markets

Pour out that pain of seeing women struggle to earn spaces

Pour out that desperation of seeing women

Black, or white, brown or ethnic become fetishized

Exoticized with no say

No sway

Gather your fits

Bring tension in the body

Prepare to shout

Prepare to shout

Gather that restless fire

And rip the borders of cultured gender

Rip that skin and let it bleed

Abandon the cultured nature


Poem featured in video performance art piece made in collaboration with duo Ka&Hamakes

Trapped in expected womanhood

Clothes that are unfit

Shouts unheard



Hair cheats

Body unfelt