Video Installation & Live Performance Piece "A Jehovah Non-Tradition of X-Mas"


- I am a child of a Jehovah Witness.
- I am also a child of a Jehovah Witness.
- Catholic Christmas ended in my home in 2011 when my mother converted.
- I have never had any type of Christmas in our home.
- Would you join me in one?
- Yes of course.
- Would you, others?
- Sit at our table and look thy neighbor in the eye.
- Feed thy neighbor.
- Love thy neighbor.

This video installation and live participatory performance piece investigates a genealogy of religion first of all. We explore a common presence of Jehovah Witness doctrines in different households growing up. Within this specific history, we join together to pursue a practice of Christmas traditions which have been ghosted from our lives at different levels despite always peeping at us from shopping malls, TV ads, films and animation series, public, social Christmas traditions, friends, other family members, etc. However, we intend to create a hybrid Christmas tradition experience where we seek the true spirit of Christmas, our own Christmas, through a visual expression of love. We invite the audience to share this new tradition. Each year we will bring and explore this new tradition-universe further and deeply.

Performed at 1000fryd art room hall, Aalborg, 19.12.17

Videography - Rasmus Albertsen

Concept and Live Performance - Sall Lam Toro and Au2Pilot (Jon Niemi Poulsen)

Sall Lam Toro in Ungendered Body Distortion Ø

A multimedia performance regarding social constructs of gender and an attempt to reverse the process of such constructs rendering the body into a state of ‘ungenderness’. 

How could we explore a way in which the body could initiate a process of reversal into abandoning gendered behaviour and expectations from early socialization? For many subjectivities, the experience of gender fostered by their birth sex causes trauma and desolation in many cases since we live in major hetero-normative societies that demand accurate stereotypical performances based on sex/gender.

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Poetry & Soundscapes with AU2

"Jackdaw 1998" (2017) 

Cavities bowing in all directions

the external body transmutes in dessaroi

disconcerted  - fragmented

The cavities attempting an assemblage

The devil devours the mother

She, taking destruction by the horns 

yet the body does not fear

the body does not feel only sees 

the betrayal of the cavities inside

an oppression 

the legs tremble

the devil hiding

he peaks in disguise never turning its back

It brings a celestial sky of lies

yet the sentiment of eminent danger is laughing in his mouth

the devil takes you to swing in the ballroom

infatuating the eyes with fire and opium

the body spins a thousand times handing itself over for eternity

tropical grounds i never wish to stop dancing on

and vanishing remnants of a dream 


A session of poetry with AU2's (aka Jon Tobias Niemi Poulsen) soundscapes. Performed at BoxTown at Aquavit, Aalborg, DK 



Sall Lam Toro in Ungendered Body

Ungendered Body

Video and Live Performance

The intention is simply to offer an opportunity to release the trauma of being socially and culturally gendered in the sense that we wish to explore gendered self-oppression – commenting on the restraints of gender constructs, and, to attempt to initiate a process of self-healing with shamanic healing practice (with imagery) and liberation reversing processes of gender performativity; moreover we wish to initiate a visual conversation about gender constructs and make us all reflect upon the diverse metaphorical ways and symbols of self-oppression attributed to gender performativity.

The Invisible Refuge(e)

A Participatory Performance

"How beautiful it is to see our footprints in the snow? The secret is The white track that one of us leaves behind." (Poem by Nader Alkasem) A pilgrimage you are invited to take as if to find a common refuge(e) that walks. In here, histories of alienation shall subside.  A participatory performance about extending the concept of refuge(e). This performance was developped in part as a result of the attendance (Sall Lam Toro) of a performance art residency workshop: Experiences, Devised and Performed at Teater Nodkraft in June 2017, created by Louis-Philippe Demers and Astrid Kensinger. 

Sall Lam Toro & AU2 in Black/Sea


Black/SEA is an improv madness of a body trapped in dark seas of electrifying beats by AU2PILOT. Sall Lam Toro embodies this creature that keeps fighting to escape this sea made of tape threads.

Performed at 1000Fryd, AAlborg

BLACK/SEA in collaboration with AU2PILOT at 1000fryd Aalborg

Short Clip

Follow two bodies around in the city in their mutual CONNECTION. and experience a relation formed, developed and ended. This is the first series of Pre-Events for ENDINGS. Festival in Aalborg 2016 Performers: Patricia Lam Toro (PT) & Kamilla Mez (DK)

   S ALL   This interactive performance seeks to initiate the audience into exploring artistic expressions relating darkness, surrealism, imaginary universes, the relation between machine and human being, human emotions and reactions, human madness, embodied pain and meltdown.


This interactive performance seeks to initiate the audience into exploring artistic expressions relating darkness, surrealism, imaginary universes, the relation between machine and human being, human emotions and reactions, human madness, embodied pain and meltdown.

Experiri Croquis Writing II lab session at Teater Nordkraft Aalborg, DK

Video by Arvydas Gasparavicius

Croquis Writing is an invented practice coined by Experiri Performance Art Platform that emmerged from an experiment last year in a peepshop. It borrows the same observational nature from croquis drawing however, instead of drawing, one writes what one is capturing in different forms: prose, poetry, short-story, free-text, personal ramblings etc.
Projections and bodies dance together finding a way to relate and the audience writes the outcome. 

A video by four Media Arts Cultures students: Hadas from Israel, Khatia from Georgia, Melanie from Germany and Olga from Russia. Performer Sall Lam Toro "The Recording of the Self" is an artistic research project that examines how recording of the performance of the self can be used as a method for self-reflection with young people (22-35) in the post digital age.