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Endings. Pre Event II – Cosmopolitic Death: Kamilla's Funeral

In collaboration with ENDINGS. Festival 16', we will attend a funeral performing rituals with Kamilla Mez (DK)

Kamilla has left us abruptly without a proper goodbye, without a last smile, without a last vivid laugh.

Through different European death rituals, we shall celebrate Kamilla accounting for her good deeds, singing to elevate her soul to the afterlife, purify and cleanse her body and take her in a walk with the ferryman of the dead who shall carry her in a wagon through the streets of Aalborg where the mourning will go on until the night matures.

The ferryman will attempt to make you contribute to the trip by requesting the audience to participate with small offerings which can be anything from a song, to flowers, poems, notes, kisses, caresses, to coins so it can take Kamilla far out to the other side where her soul shall rest in peace.

Join us in this performance funeral on the 12th November at 22:00 if you are around Aalborg at Platwhere we revive death rituals that are becoming forgotten in the world.

The performance is part of Endings. Performance Art Festival