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Mutilation of Femininity, Masculinity, Queerness, and Everything in Between: Installation Performance

Installation Performance will be curated by:

ENDINGS. Performance Art Festival 2016

Aalborg Surreal Festival 2016 

Supported by


Dansefyrtårn Nord - Performance and Improvisation Dance Consultant Anamet Magven

Patricia Lam Toro (PT), Sandra Graakjær Pedersen (DK) and Kubo Ivancik (SVK), Merilin Momchilova (BG)

How do we annihilate silence in sexual harassment?  How do we start an open conversation about something so uncomfortable, incomprehensible, painful as rape?

How do we relate the self with failed love? These are the questions that we would like to exploit in an installation art performance comprised of photography, sound, and embodied movement. The art installation will comprise photographs of body parts of various individuals, sound recordings and embodied Theremin sounds. The performance expresses a powerful dance and movement following the Theremin sounds engaging the audience to participate in the ‘end of silence’. The whole piece seeks through enraging artistic activism and participation, to explore everyday life sexism and rape culture in order to gain a new kind of awareness. We want to ask the audience the question: how far would you go? And the following questions: How far would you let someone take over your body? How far would you participate in the instance of harassment by sole watching? How far would you let your silence prevail?